I was talking with a developer friend of mine yesterday about podcasts, and we started talking about some of the web development podcasts I like. I’ve been subscribing to podcasts for a while, and over the past year have found a bunch that I’ve found worthwhile.

Some of them can get quite complex, but I still find them useful to listen to, if only to learn about what more experienced developers are trying to learn. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Turing Incomplete

    In addition to having the best domain name of any podcast (turing.cool), this is a really fun podcast about programming from a group of Philadelphia-based developers.

  • The Bike Shed

    A thoughtbot podcast about different web development topics. I found their recent episode on debugging (“A Poor Man’s binding.pry”) quite useful.

  • The Changelog

    Each week, The Changelog covers an open-source project. It’s not restricted to any one language, and they talk quite a bit about testing and deployment—two topics I want to become much more proficient in.

  • CodeNewbie

    A terrific podcast for junior developers. Many of the recent episodes have focused on how to use your developer skills for good. The interview with Tiffani Bell of the Detroit Water Project was especially interesting and got me thinking more about how to deploy early and often.

  • Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots

    Another excellent thoughtbot podcast. Some (but not all) of these episodes are less programming-heavy and more focused on other aspects of being a developer—cultivating a learning culture, communicating well, and just generally being a well-rounded developer and person.

  • JavaScript Jabber

    As I’ve been spending more time in JavaScript land, listening to JavaScript Jabber has been pretty helpful. An episode that might be useful for junior developers is the conversation with Aimee Knight.

  • Ruby on Rails Podcast

    The is a little misleading because lately this one has turned into a general conversation about Ember and/or Ruby. Nonetheless, it’s fun to listen and interesting to hear someone with significant experience in both JavaScript and Ruby compare two very different technologies.

  • The Ruby Rogues

    Like its sister show JavaScript Jabber, Ruby Rogues features a panel and a featured guest each episode. It’s always entertaining, and I’ve come across a number of useful resources by listening to this. The picks at the end of each show are always worth waiting for.

  • ShopTalk

    ShopTalk, a show hosted by Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier (of CSS Tricks), covers a lot of front-end topics and features interviews with a variety of designers and developers. The episode with Eric Meyer about designing for stressful situations was fascinating.

  • The Web Ahead

    Each week on The Web Ahead, Jen Simmons talks to someone about web design. I find her to be one of the most thoughtful interviewers on any show. The episodes cover topics I had already been interested in—like typography and CSS—and ones that I didn’t even know I was interested in before listening—like content strategy and web standards.

And if you’re looking for a podcast player recommendation on iOS, I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of Overcast. The ‘Smart Speed’ and ‘Voice Boost’ features are worth many times more than the $5 I paid for them.