I finished Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson’s excellent book Rework last week. The authors, the founders of 37signals, give advice about how to work and lead in ways that produce results by way of happy customers and employees. Their suggestions come in the form of short essays, the titles of which remind me of Derek Sivers’s directives. The book’s website has a list of these titles, and they provide a nice preview of what the book is like.

This is a short book, and something you can easily read in one sitting if you’d like. I think it’s worth reading the whole thing, but my favorite essays were:

  • Making the call is making progress
  • Interruption is the enemy of productivity
  • Make tiny decisions
  • Hire managers of one
  • Hire great writers
  • Put everyone on the front lines
  • You don’t create a culture