I wanted to share three quick blog posts about Syria and the US stance towards refugees. What I liked about each of these posts was that they look at hard facts about migration, instead of statements noticeably devoid of facts like the one issued by one of my Senators.

First, in a blog post for the Center for Global Development my former colleague Michael Clemens highlights some economic research about refugees and points out some of the more distasteful ideas anti-refugee advocates have proposed.

Immigration expert Alex Nowrasteh carefully describes the extremely rigorous application process refugees face. He also provides some interesting facts about where refugees are settling in the US, what proportion of them come from Syria, and what risks they might pose.

Finally, the economist Alex Tabarrok offers an interesting thought experiment involving refugees, murderers, and jelly beans.

If you are interested in US security and find yourself thinking about what the US can do to reduce the suffering of people fleeing Syria, take a moment to read these three posts.