I love using the Overcast app to listen to podcasts. The Smart Speed and Voice Boost features are fantastic, and the app is easy to use. One feature I wish it had is the ability to see the total time remaining across all your unheard podcasts. Do I have enough podcasts for an upcoming road trip? Do I have so many that I need to delete some? (Yes.)

So I wrote my first Ruby gem: overcast-time. It’s on RubyGems and on GitHub if you want to fork it.

The gem will ask you to log into Overcast before using Mechanize and Nokogiri to log you in, parse the HTML on the podcasts page, and calculate the total time you have left across all of your unheard or partially-played podcasts. To use it, just run the following commands in your shell:

gem install overcast-time

As always, if you run into any bugs or have any feature suggestions, let me know!